Accused in attempted murder of Palm Court patron making overtures to victim’s family, court hears

-cops investigating

Abdul Imran Khan

A city court yesterday heard that Abdul Imran Khan, the man charged with the recent attempted murder of a Palm Court nightclub patron, has made an approach to the family of the complainant.

It is alleged that Khan, 32, on October 28th, at Main Street, Georgetown, with intent to commit murder, unlawfully and maliciously wounded Romario Baljeet.

When the case was called yesterday, the court heard from special prosecutor Latchmie Rahamat, who informed the court of additional approaches made to Baljeet’s family by relatives of Khan.

Romario Baljeet

Khan’s attorney, Everton Singh-Lammy, renewed an application for reasonable bail for his client, citing the fact that the complainant has been discharged from the hospital and the expected lengthy nature of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the charge that will be held.

However, in objecting to the bail application, the prosecutor stated that the complainant’s father was approached on two occasions by the brother of the defendant and would have also been contacted by the defendant himself. In both cases, the complainant’s father was asked to “see what he can do for them.”

Rahamat further told the court that there was a third attempt where another set of relatives of the defendant showed up at the complainant’s home. These matters, the court heard, have been reported to the police and are under investigation.

Rahamat also noted that as of November 8th, another medical certificate was issued for Baljeet, which indicated that the injuries sustained by the complainant in the attack are life threatening because of the large cut on his face and the related damage to an artery.

Baljeet, she noted, is expected to report to the hospital this week.

The Chief Magistrate having heard from both sides, further remanded the accused to prison and adjourned the matter until November 26th.

It is the police’s case that at around 3 am on the day in question, as Baljeet and a friend were leaving the nightclub, they walked between Khan and another man. It was then, according to the prosecutor, that Khan dealt the complainant two punches to his head and face, causing him to fall to the ground. The defendant then took a glass bottle and a drinking glass and smashed them on Baljeet’s face, resulting in injuries and bleeding.

Persons who were around were afraid to render assistance as the defendant began to kick and punch Baljeet. Baljeet was later picked up in an unconscious state and taken to the Woodlands Hospital, where he was treated and admitted. He was subsequently released but was later readmitted.

It was previously stated that Baljeet would have undergone two surgeries on his face and more are yet to be done.  

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