PPP/C won 61% of votes at local polls, APNU 34% -AFC nets 4%

Official results declared by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) for the November 12th local government polls have confirmed a major win for the opposition PPP/C, which secured 61% of the votes, while APNU, the main partner in the governing coalition, managed 34%.

In its solo outing at the polls, the Alliance For Change (AFC), the other partner in the governing coalition, was able to amass 8,719 votes, representing 4% of the total number of votes cast, according to the official results.

The AFC’s showing attracted interest as it was meant to compete with the opposition PPP/C on the Corentyne and West Berbice. The AFC, however, suffered heavy defeats in these areas. The AFC’s performance has also drawn public attention as its leadership asserted that it had maintained its showing at around 10% of the national vote. This is not so as it gained only 4% of the total vote though its percentage from the 27 Local Authority Areas it contested in was around 8%…..

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