Construction of stalls at Russell Square underway

-complete relocation of Stabroek wharf vendors expected within two weeks

Workers beginning the construction of one of the stalls at Russell Square.

Weeks after signing an agreement with the Mayor and City Council (M&CC), vendors from the Stabroek Market Wharf have started constructing their stalls in preparation for their relocation.

At present, approximately 10 stalls are under construction at Russell Square, Stabroek, where the vendors are being temporarily relocated. The works are being done under the supervision of staff from the City Engineers Department.

Within the next two weeks, vending at the location is expected to commence. However, some vendors remain at the wharf plying their trade.

This stall is nearly completed

Acting Town Clerk Sharon Harry-Munroe told this newspaper that the M&CC will completely close off the wharf once the vendors have finished construction and have all been relocated.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the vendors and the M&CC outlines the manner in which they will occupy and operate at the location. In the MoU, it was outlined that the council had agreed to erect lights and install sanitary facilities at the site. While the installation of the lights are yet to commence, the construction of the sanitary facilities is nearly complete.

In September, Town Clerk Royston King had led a team to cordon off the collapsing wharf. Vendors had been required to cease operations on September 14, after a cease and desist notice was served due to the perilous state of the wharf.  

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