‘It’s time we create a future that works for all of us’

-region’s latest Rhodes Scholar says better policies needed to achieve sustainable development

Zubin Deyal

It was during his formative years, living and travelling through the Caribbean that Zubin Deyal’s love for its varied beauty and nuances developed and he recognised the improvements that sustainable development could yield for the region.

“I take great pride in being a child of the Caribbean,” Deyal, the latest Common-wealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholar and a self-described ‘Caribbean national’ told Sunday Stabroek in an interview. “The beauty of the countries in our region and the similarities of our cultures is something which should transcend all discrimination. We are one Caribbean and it is time we create a future that works for all of us, especially the next generation. For, in the end, if we are not for each other, then who will be?” he asked.

Deyal, 20, was born in Barbados to Guyanese journalist and Stabroek News columnist Indranie Deolall and Trinidadian journalist Tony Deyal. By the age of eight, he had already lived in Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize, and Antigua and Barbuda…..

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