Teen in fatal Ogle accident discharged after two months in hospital

-police to seek advice on charging driver

Venisha Sukhnandan

Venisha Sukhnandan, the teenager who was injured over two months ago in an accident on the Ogle Public Road which claimed that life of her younger brother, has finally been discharged from the hospital.

On September 13th, Venisha, 17, was riding with her seven-year-old brother Sunil, when they were hit by a car, which was allegedly being driven at a fast rate.

They were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), where Sunil was pronounced dead on arrival and Venisha was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

Deceased: Sunil Sukhnandan

Following the accident, the driver was taken into police custody and later released on $75,000 station bail. She subsequently offered the family compensation, which they have not accepted.

Contacted for an update on the investigation yesterday, Traffic Chief Linden Isles told Sunday Stabroek that the file in relation to the matter will be sent for legal advice in the new week.

Isles explained that the investigation was stalled for some time because the police were awaiting Venisha’s discharge from the hospital. However, he related that a few days ago, following her discharge, the teen, accompanied by police, returned to the scene of the accident, where further investigations were conducted.

“Some additional work will be done in the new week and the file will be submitted for legal advice,” Isles said.

When this newspaper visited the family on Friday, the young girl was seen moving around the house normally. She explained that while she feels pain about her body at random times, she is feeling “very good.”

Her parents, Radica Narine and Sohan Suknandan, related that they took her to the GPH on Friday for her check-up and also had her talk to police officers from the Sparendaam Police Station. She was then taken to the scene of the accident, where she gave a recount to the officers of what happened on the day.

“She’s feeling good you know. She walking about and everything and smiling so we happy. Only thing is she always want to deh doing work and we just want she rest but she keep saying she can’t just lay down and rest all the time,” Narine explained.

She also pointed out that the family is still interested in pursuing the court case but have been contacted by the driver’s family and lawyers, who have offered them a larger compensation package than they did before. However, she noted that she was unable to say whether they will accept it or proceed with having the matter taken before the court, and will only be able to make a decision after consulting their own attorney.

This newspaper had previously reported on the family’s plea for financial assistance. On Friday, Narine reported that their calls did not go unanswered and expressed thanks on behalf of her household.

The family currently lives in a shack in Ogle North, a small distance away from the Ogle seawall. Similar shacks dot the area, which has become the temporary home of fishermen who ply their trade nearby.

The southernmost dwelling houses the family. Narine and Sukhnandan, along with nine other children, ranging from ages seven to 18, all live in the shack.

Because of the generous donations of the public and the government, the family has been able to not only renovate, but also expand their small home. Narine also related that they are currently trying to acquire land to build a new home.


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