Cargo boat bound for Kaituma capsizes in Waini River

The capsized boat in the Waini River

A cargo vessel destined for Port Kaituma, Barima-Waini, yesterday morning capsized and sank in the Waini River resulting in millions of losses.

Stabroek News gathered that the boat capsized at around 5 am and the captain and the crew were rescued by persons who responded to the distress call. No one drowned in the mishap, Stabroek News was told.

The boat which was loaded with groceries and other items had departed from a wharf in Georgetown on Saturday afternoon and was making its way to the mining community when the mishap occurred.

A resident told this newspaper that the boat is operated by a businessperson from the community and would usually transport groceries and hardware parts for shops.

The mishap is a seen as a blow to the mining community, the resident said, as he explained that the prices for basic commodities will rise higher.

“We don’t have a lot of boat bring goods here regular and with the Christmas season coming up, shops would stock up. But with this accident the prices will keep going up…” he lamented.

He noted that not too long ago vessels operated by the Government would have visited the community at least four times a month, but that is not the situation now. “We don’t have that arrangement in place now… the boat don’t come regularly. Many persons have to hire private boats to bring goods in the community and with this one capsized, the private operators might want to raise the price for a trip…” he uttered, sharing his opinion.

Efforts made by this newspaper to contact officials from the Maritime Administration Depart-ment for a comment proved futile.  

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