New Amsterdam promises major upgrade in garbage handling during Christmas

Environmental Health Inspector, Ackloo Ramsudh (DPI photo)

New Amsterdam residents will benefit from a major upgrade in the management and disposal of solid waste for the Christmas holidays.

According to a Department of Public Information (DPI) press release, this pronouncement was one of several made on Monday, during the Council’s monthly statutory meeting.

The New Amsterdam Mayor & Town Council in highlighting its plans for the festive season, disclosed that several options have been streamlined for a faster and more efficient system of garbage disposal. It was also noted that strict measures will be established for persons who are found littering indiscriminately, DPI noted. Councillor Patricia Lynch stated that thus far, skip bins have been placed at strategic locations and can be easily accessed by residents. Citizens have already started the  cleaning of their homes to be ready for the festive holidays and according to Councillor Lynch, this will generate an enormous amount of waste…..

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