Attorney Ryan Crawford served statements in traffic stop case

Attorney Ryan Crawford (right) leaving the court

Statements were yesterday served to attorney Ryan Crawford, in relation to the charges laid against him after an alleged expletive-laden exchange with officers during a police traffic stop.

Crawford was charged over prohibited tinted glass, failure to produce a driver’s licence, driving an unfit motor vehicle, use of obscene language and riotous behaviour. All of the offences were allegedly committed on September 13 on Yorkshire Road, East Coast Demerara.

The matter was called yesterday at the Mahaicony Magistrate’s Court, where a disclosure of statements was made to the defendant. The matter was then adjourned until January 28, 2019 for fixture.

Crawford faced the charges after a video which showed him using a stream of expletives while questioning the police rank who had stopped him on the public road was circulated on social media.

Subsequent to the video being released, members of the public spoke out on the attorney’s behalf, arguing that police ranks often abuse their power by stopping vehicles without suspecting the drivers of committing any crimes. However, many persons also condemned his behaviour.

Previous reports indicated that the attorney had also issued an apology for his behaviour but noted that he would remain defiant against any injustice. He had said that after waiting for a while and not being given any reason for the detention, he became angry, which led to him using expletives to get his point across.

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