Man dies after struck off bicycle at Houston turn

- driver crashes into Christmas tree trying to avoid collision

Dead: Seeram Seecharran

A 64-year-old man died yesterday morning after he was struck off his bicycle by a motor lorry while attempting to cross the Houston Public Road, East Bank Demerara.

According to reports, the driver, in an attempt to avoid the impact, swerved, and came into contact with the Rahaman’s Christmas tree, which is currently being set up.

Seeram Seecharran, popularly known as ‘Champion’, a father of four who resided at Lot 16 Herstelling New Scheme, EBD, was picked up in an unconscious condition and transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The accident occurred around 8.45am.

The base of the Christmas tree, which was damaged as a result of the impact from the container truck.

The driver, who has been identified as a 24-year-old resident of Hope West, Enmore, ECD, was arrested and is assisting the police with investigations.

Stabroek News was reliably informed that enquiries revealed that motor lorry GWW 7629, with trailer TKK 4726, was proceeding north along the western carriageway of the road when Seecharran, who was heading in the said direction but on the opposite side, proceeded to cross the road and ended up in the path of the lorry.

Upon noticing Seecharran, the driver reportedly swerved to avoid colliding with him but the front of the lorry still came into contact with him.

Seecharran fell onto the roadway, after which the motor lorry crashed into the Christmas tree, which stands in excess of 30ft.

At the dead man’s house, his wife, Hookmattie Seecharran, explained to this newspaper that she last saw him alive around 8am yesterday, when he left home on his bicycle for Georgetown, in order to purchase a part for their television.

A crane offered support to the top of the Christmas tree yesterday morning following the accident.

“He does ride and guh all over. Anyway he going, is bicycle”, the widow said.

She said that she learnt of the accident only around 2pm yesterday, when she received a call from a relative who noticed Seecharran in a video circulated on the social media site, Facebook.

The woman said she immediately contacted her daughter, Anita Sookdeo, who journeyed to the hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Sookdeo said doctors informed her daughter that her father had passed away and his body had already been taken to the mortuary.

She said she her daughter positively identified the remains as those of her father.

Sookdeo said that Seecharran’s face was swollen and a cut was visible on his forehead.

A video of the aftermath of the accident, which was circulated on Facebook, and was seen by this newspaper, showed Seecharran, who was still conscious at the time, lying under the trailer as persons frantically debated whether to move him or await the arrival of the paramedics.

His mangled bicycle was seen a short distance away under one of the truck’s back wheels.

Eyewitnesses at the scene claimed that the truck was not speeding at the time of the accident. However, Seecharran’s family is calling on the police to thoroughly investigate the matter so that justice can be served.

Meanwhile, damage to the base of the platform of the tree was seen. Based on observations made yesterday morning, the impact also caused the top section of the tree to lean on one side, resulting in a crane being used to prop up  the top and prevent it from falling.

Last year, the tree came crashing down after the suspected theft of materials from the structure.

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