Baramita woman arrested after abandoning infant son at police station

Police Constable Kevin Morgan holding the nine-month-old baby at the Baramita Police Station yesterday morning

A 23-year-old Baramita woman has been arrested after her infant son was found by ranks in front of the Baramita Police Station.

The woman claimed she had left the child with another resident due to her being intoxicated.

According to a police press release, just before the sun rose yesterday, an infant boy was found lying at the entrance to the police station in Region One. The police noted that the nine-month-old boy was found by Constable Kevin Morgan, naked and wrapped in a blanket when he opened the station’s door.

“The unusual discovery by the hinterland policeman caused him to promptly take the smiling child into his arms, cuddle [him] and after a warm bath, the beautiful baby slept for a while,” the statement said.

It added that the Subordinate Officer-in-Charge of the Station, Corporal Jennifer Griffith, and other ranks purchased clothing and pampers for the “miracle baby” out of their own pockets before he was taken for a medical examination at the Health Centre, where he remains in good health.

The child is presently in the care of the medical staff of the Baramita Health Centre.

During the police’s search for the parents, which was conducted along with concerned residents, a 23-year-old Central Baramita resident turned up at the station at around 1:15 pm and explained to the ranks that she had left the child in the care of someone the night before because she was intoxicated and “that she now cannot recall who it was.”

As a result, the woman, was first taken to the Health Centre to see the child, then arrested and taken into police custody  

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