Pandit Ubraj Narine elected Georgetown mayor, Mentore deputy

-Chase-Green warns against ‘wolves’ in sheep’s clothing

Mayor-elect Ubraj Narine takes his seat at the head of the horseshoe-shaped table in the council chamber. (Photo by Terrence Thompson)

APNU councillor Pandit Ubraj Narine was elected Mayor of Georgetown when the new council was sworn in at City Hall yesterday, with fellow APNU councilman Alfred Mentore selected as his deputy.

They will take up their posts on January 1st. Narine, who won the Constituency One seat at the November 12th local government elections, was nominated by APNU councillor Ivelaw Henry, with support from incumbent Mayor Patricia Chase-Green.

Chase-Green, who leaves office following a controversial two years at the helm of the council, advised Narine to be careful.

“We have placed you there as a young man to shine. I would advise you that not every smile, not every skin teeth is laugh and not every shut-eye is sleep…there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing. I tell you that from experience. You will sit around a horseshoe table with 29 other people and you will gain your experience daily,” she said, before adding that she would offer him 100% support as he navigates his new post…..

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