Ram and McRae calls for campaign finance laws to rein in parties

Warning that the absence of updated campaign finance legislation puts the country at risk, accounting firm Ram and McRae has expressed the hope that civil society will take the lead in ensuring that there is proper accountability for being made to local political parties. 

“It is time that all democratic forces in the country, including the political parties but also Civil Society, the media and important individual voices begin the call for campaign finance rules. It is time too for those Guyanese living abroad who fete our bounty hunters at election time recognise the harm they are doing when they make their contribution. They must stop it,” the firm says in its Focus on Guyana’s National Budget 2019, which was published in yesterday’s edition of the Stabroek News.

The firm points out that with Guyana now on the international map due to the oil discoveries that have been made, it will attract the interest of countries and entities who would have their own preferences about which parties and individuals they would like to see in charge of the oil money and the economy…..

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