Berbice police roll out plan for safe holiday

Deputy Commander of B Division, Wayne Dehearte making his presentation

The B Division Police Administration will be increasing patrols and implementing other strategies throughout the division and especially in commercial areas so as to ensure every citizen can enjoy a safe holiday period.

Deputy Commander of B Division, Wayne Dehearte, who presented the division’s Christmas policing plans yesterday, noted that it would have commenced on November 15 and will conclude on 15 January, 2019.

According to Dehearte, economic and business activities along with traffic are expected to increase during this period, as such the division intends to “Police major commercial areas in order to minimize criminal activities”.

He said, ranks will be tasked with regulating traffic congestion and to ensure a safe environment for visitors, citizens, business persons and commuters to conduct their business.

He  explained that in every sector, there will be heightened special operations by CID and Intelligence ranks around the commercial banks and other business spaces.

“Mobile patrols both day and night in the housing and business sectors and vehicular patrols, motorcycle patrols, bicycle and foot patrol will be deployed in all sectors”.

Dehearte also stressed that ranks will be deployed to monitor the baking and shopping areas in all four sectors.

On December 22 to  24 and  December 29 to  31, foot patrols will be implemented to accommodate late shopping while during that period motorcycle and vehicular patrols will be conducted on a 24-hour basis.

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