Farmer on bail after denying $5M theft from wrecked vessel

Andrew De Freitas

A farmer was yesterday granted bail after he was accused of stealing $5 million in items from a wrecked vessel.

Andrew De Freitas, 60, of Covent Garden, Lower Pomeroon, appeared before Magistrate Faith McGusty in Georgetown, where the charge was read to him.

The charge alleges that the accused, between September 12th and November 29th, at Tiger Beach, North West District, stole from a wrecked vessel that was stranded on a sand bank. The items stolen were a 6 cylinder engine box, valued $4 million, and a new gauge gearbox, valued at $1 million, which was the property of Simeon Tudor.

De Freitas denied the charge.

Police prosecutor Shellon Daniels made no objection to bail being granted. She noted that the articles were recovered and that the defendant took the police to two locations where the items were found.

De Freitas’ attorney, Everton Singh-Lammy, told the court that his client was held for over 72 hours before being taken to court to face the charge. He added that his client never knew that the items were taken from a wrecked vessel.

Magistrate McGusty subsequently granted the accused his release on $100,000 bail and adjourned the matter until December 7th.

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