Man found on Diamond road died from blunt trauma – autopsy

Dead: Nezaam Khan

Nezaam Khan, the 46-year-old man who succumbed on Saturday morning, hours after he was discovered lying in a pool of blood along the Diamond Public Road, died as a result of blunt trauma to the head, an autopsy said.

His mother, Martha Persaud yesterday confirmed the findings of the autopsy to Stabroek News and vented her frustration over the slow pace of the police investigation.

Several efforts made to contact the police yesterday for an update on the matter proved fruitless.

Persaud said while the autopsy confirmed that her son’s death was not natural, the family remains clueless as to how he met his demise. “I don’t know which way we will go now”, she said.

The body of Khan, called ‘Damian,’ 46, of Lot 1159 Section ‘A’ Block X, Diamond Housing Scheme, who was an employee of the Ministry of Education was discovered just before midnight last Friday.

He was transported by the police to the Diamond Hospital, from where he was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), where he died around 10 am on Saturday.

At the time, there was a gash on his nose and scratches about his face. His belongings, including money, his cellphone and keys, are yet to be located.

Persaud told this newspaper yesterday that when she had initially enquired about Khan’s personal belongings, she was informed by the police that they were handed over to officials at the hospital.

However, she said when she and other relatives visited the hospital yesterday, they were told that no belongings were handed over there.

 “The only thing they (the police) said and I can confirm is that there was no phone. They said a bunch of keys, whatever money he (Khan) had in his pocket, some papers, those things were put in a plastic bag and lodged there (hospital)”, Persaud related.

The woman is therefore seeking answers while noting that she plans to take the matter further once the funeral is over. “…It’s not closed because I will take it further. I need answers”, Persaud said.

“I lost meh son. Meh son dead, he can’t come back but I need to know if his personal belongings was lodged there, where is it”, she added.

Persaud had previously related to Stabroek News that she last saw Khan alive around 1.30pm last Friday, when he left home to do some errands.

Hours after, she had said that she spoke to Khan over the phone and he informed her that he would return home by 10 pm since he was hanging out with some friends.

However, as time elapsed and Khan did not return home, Persaud became worried and started to call him. Calls to his phone went to voicemail.

She said she then contacted one of his close friends who was not with him and he ventured out to search for Khan. However, the friend too came up empty-handed.

Persaud further explain-ed that she went to the Diamond Police Station on Saturday morning and she learnt that the description she provided to the police matched that of an individual that was found on the public road.

She was later taken to the GPH, where she positively identified the individual as her son. While at the hospital, she was told that she needed to make arrangements for Khan to undergo a CT scan. It was while she was making the arrangements that doctors informed her that Khan had passed away.

Persaud had said based on information she received, Khan and one of his friends had joined a Route 42 minibus, and he disembarked at Diamond Public Road and the friend continued to Grove, where he resides.

It is customary for Khan to hang out with his friends every Friday, Persaud had noted.

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