Police seeking legal advice on Travis Chase shooting case

The case file on the investigation into the shooting of Jimmy Ramgobin, the labourer who was allegedly injured by news presenter Travis Chase early Sunday morning has been sent for legal advice, Crime Chief Lyndon Alves says.

Alves yesterday told Stabroek News that the investigation into the matter has been completed and the file was dispatched for legal advice on Tuesday which will determine how the police will proceed with the case.

Ramgobin, 28, who has no fixed place of abode was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital on  Sunday morning after he was allegedly shot in  his right leg by Chase who he reportedly attempted to attack. He has since been discharged.

The police had said that around 4.30 am on Sunday, Chase arrived with his girlfriend in front of her Newtown, Kitty home in his vehicle when he observed Ramgobin in front of the yard.

After noticing the man, Chase, a news presenter at HGPTV Nightly News, exited his vehicle, but was then approached by Ramgobin, who had reportedly armed himself with a weapon. Ramgobin reportedly attacked Chase.

This, the police said prompted Chase to draw his licensed firearm and he discharged a round into the air.

However, after he fired the shot into the air, Ramgobin allegedly reached into his haversack and retrieved several bottles which he hurled at Chase. The journalist subsequently fired three more rounds into the air and then one at the man.

After being hit, Ramgobin ran north along D’ Abreu Street before being caught and escorted to the hospital.

Chase was then taken into police custody where he surrendered his firearm. He was subsequently released.

The scene was processed and four spent shells were recovered.

Chase in a post on his Facebook page had described his action as self-defence.

“For the record, I am not in police custody neither was I detained and placed into any lockups. There was an incident where I was attacked by a man who marked my vehicle and I defended myself. Even the attacker apologised to me and told the police that ‘he wants no story and that he was high’”, the post had read.

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