Imposter doctor robs teen patient at GPH

Daniel Barry in his hospital room at the Georgetown Public Hospital

A hospitalised youth was robbed at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) yesterday by a man who posed as a doctor.

Daniel Barry, 19, of Ann’s Grove, has been a patient at the GPH for approximately one week after he received a chop wound to his left eye.

Barry told this newspaper that sometime before 11 yesterday morning, he was in his hospital room with another patient, who cannot see, when a “doctor” came in to check on them.

The teen noted that the individual was dressed in all black and had a surgical mask over his face. He also had a haversack.

This individual, the teen stated, told him that he would be his doctor for the day and proceeded to examine him. The very same thing was done to the other patient in the room, the teen stated.

After making his checks, the teen noted, the imposter went out of the room and called for “Dr Sharon,” before returning and asking to use his phone to make a call. He then took the phone and left.

Sometime later, the teen stated, a different person came into the room and he questioned them about the presence of the strange doctor. Police were later summoned and statements taken from the teen, whose Samsung Galaxy S6.

Hospital officials, when contacted, stated that they were aware of the case and that investigations were underway.

Barry said that he has been hospitalised after he was attacked at a fun day in Ann’s Grove. He said his assailant, who had thrown bottles of Guinness at him, had an exchange of words and then a fight ensued. The fight was parted by an onlooker but as Barry was walking home with his younger brother, he heard his brother yell, “Daniel watch deh!” By the time he turned, all he was heard “Ya f****” and he was dealt a chop above his left eye.

The matter is currently before the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court, where his assailant was granted his release on $30,000 bail.

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