Major gains likely in fight against drugs

-outgoing US envoy

Perry Holloway

Outgoing United States Ambassador to Guyana Perry Holloway on Tuesday said that over the next two to three years Guyana should see better results from both local law enforcement and their collaboration with international authorities in the fight against the drug trade.

“I think, my gut feeling is, that things have gotten a little better as far as the big, big [drug] shipments going through Guyana. But, quite frankly, in some ways, other than what we heard from journalists, like you guys… Guyana was the black hole. No one had any clue what was going through, where it was going, and how it was going, [and] who was doing it. So now, after three years with DEA here, we are beginning to develop some stuff. But I think in the next two or three years you are going to see a lot more even more positive actions coming from your law enforcement entities and them cooperating with international law enforcement,” Holloway told reporters during an exit interview…..

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