Bail for man accused of stealing friend’s cellphone

A man who was on Friday charged for stealing a cellphone from his friend, was granted $2,000 bail by a city court.

It was alleged that Isaiah Daniels, 21, on October 6th, 2018, stole a cellular phone valued $48,000 from Jamal Barker.

Daniels, who appeared in the court with his mother, pleaded not guilty to the charge read to him on Friday. He told the Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan that he only wanted to borrow the phone from his friend to make a call. He related that he took it to another friend’s house, which was occupied by several other persons. He then said that after he woke up, he discovered the phone missing but failed to make a report to the police.

According to police prosecutor Gordon Mansfield, Daniels and Barker are known to each other.

Mansfield’s facts supported the accused’s claim that he asked Barker for a call and Barker gave him the phone to make the call. However, the prosecutor added that on receiving the phone, Daniels stole it and Barker reported the matter.

The young man was told by the Chief Magistrate that he will have to repay Barker for the phone. However, he was placed on $2,000 bail and was told to return to court on December 14th for his next hearing.

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