Infrastructural upgrades planned for Region Two -MP

Haimraj Rajkumar (DPI photo)

A number of schools, health centres and roads in Region Two have been earmarked for upgrades in the New Year, regional parliamentarian Haimraj Rajkumar says.

Rajkumar was at the time making his contribution in support of the government’s proposed 2019 national budget, which he described as a “comprehensive document of the coalition government’s plan for the continuous development of this beautiful country of ours. It demonstrates government’s commitment to providing the ‘good life’ to all Guyanese.”

As it relates to developments in the education sector in his region, Rajkumar noted that $175 million has been allocated for the extension of the Adventure Nursery Annex and Waka-pau Secondary Schools as well as the construction of a sanitary block at Capoey Nursery School.

Additionally, an estimated $16 million will be spent on acquiring school furniture and equipment, including some for smart classrooms, as well as computers for Information Technology (IT) labs, among other things.

Upgrades are also expected at the Suddie Hospital, with the completion of the operating theatre. The rehabilitation of electrical systems at the Suddie and Oscar Joseph hospitals has also been budgeted for.

Health Centres at Kabakaburi, Wakapau, Karawab and Siriki in the Pomeroon River are also set to benefit from the installation of solar-powered systems.

In terms of infrastructural works, Rajkumar noted that an estimated $54.8 million has been allocated for road works in the Charity Housing Scheme, Dartmouth, Good Hope, Lima and L’Union. The construction of bridges in the communities of L’Union, Lima and Rivers-town is also expected next year.

Government’s intention to transform the Supenaam Waterfront to a modern business hub was also highlighted by Rajkumar, who explained that works have commenced and the project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2019.

The works include modern facilities for the mooring speedboats and a waiting room for passengers. A mini-mall is also to be opened at the location.

Rajkumar was also pleased to inform the National Assembly that the communities of Capoey, Hill Top and Mainstay/ Whyaka will benefit from improved water supply systems.

Reflecting on the works done during the past year, Rajkumar mentioned the installation of three new generator sets at the Anna Regina Power Station, where residents have been forced to deal with constant power outages.

“In August Mr. Speaker, all the engines mysteriously shut off all at the same time and the entire region was plunged into blackout; businesses suffered and our people endured great inconvenience… Mr. Speaker, three new generator sets have been installed at the Anna Regina Power Station. They have already been tested and are set to be commissioned on the 16th of December, 2018,” Rajkumar said.

He also mentioned the commissioning of a high capacity drainage pump at Three Friends, the completion of an asphalt road at Onderneeming and the execution of works under the 300-metre sea defence project at Johanna Cecilia, Essequibo Coast.

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