Cops get on the spot promotion

-at ‘A’ Division awards ceremony

Some of the police officers who were promoted on the spot last Friday. (DPI photo)

Several police ranks were promoted on the spot by Police Commissioner Leslie James on Friday, when ‘A’ Division hosted its annual Christmas Luncheon and Awards Ceremony, where they were lauded for their outstanding performances throughout the year.

The event was held in the compound of the Brickdam Police Station.

James, according to a Department of Public Information (DPI) report, assured that more officers from ‘A’ Division can expect to be promoted before the end of the year.

He also told the gathering that it was the overall outstanding performance of the police force that has resulted in a reduction of serious crimes for the year. “Today is a day which members of this division always look forward to and I am so happy to see everyone converge on this occasion… Looking at the achievement for the force as a collective, ‘A’ Division is just part of the whole of the organisation, and we have seen a decrease of 11% in serious crimes,” he was quoted as saying.

Sergeant Garvin Boyce, runner-up to Best Cop of ‘A’ Division, receiving a prize. (DPI photo)

James, according to the report, also noted that the current administration of the police force is well underway in ensuring that the organisation is reformed to be more effective in the way duties are carried out.

Sergeant George Conway, of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), was named as the “Best Cop” at the ceremony, with Sergeant Garvin Boyce, of the Traffic Department, named the runner-up.

Divisional Commander Marlon Chapman, according to DPI, said the commendations given to the two ranks were well deserved.

“I first want to take the opportunity to commend all the ranks who work tirelessly throughout the year, overcoming each and

Sergeant George Conway was named A’ Division’s “Best Cop” (DPI photo)

every challenge every step of the way and producing tangible results as we all strive to achieve our mandate, which is to prevent and detect crime and to maintain law and order,” Chapman added.

Chapman also said the recognition by the division of the efforts of its ranks should encourage others in the force to give their best.

Among the ranks who were awarded were recipients of the Commander’s Awards and ‘Officer-of-the-Month’ for each month throughout the year.

Awards, including cash, plaques and prizes, were sponsored by partner organisations, including the Roraima Group of Companies, the Laparkan Group of Companies, 93.1 FM radio station, C. Persaud Dental Lab and Clinic, and Courts Guyana.

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