Fraud charge against man dismissed after Gafoor’s declines to proceed

Romel Motilall

A man had a fraud charge against him dismissed after the complainant declined to pursue the matter at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Romel Motilall had been accused of fraudulently converting to his own use, items given to him to do maintenance work. It was alleged that between November 22nd and 26th, being solely entrusted by Dion Andrea Foo, an administrative assistant at Gafoor’s Industries Limited, with articles valued $835,630 in order that he would do maintenance works, he fraudulently converted the items to his own use.

The court was told that Motilall was solely entrusted with the articles to do maintenance but it was observed that the works were not done and the articles were missing. The matter was then reported to the police and he admitted to taking the articles.

Motilall initially pleaded guilty to the charge but it was subsequently dismissed after the Head of Security of Gafoor’s told the court that they did not want to proceed with the matter.

Magistrate Faith McGusty dismissed the case.

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