Stanleytown man discovered dead with stab wound

Police on the hunt for suspects

Nkomo La Rose

A Stanleytown, New Amsterdam man was yesterday morning discovered with a stab wound and other minor injuries about his body hours after he was involved in a heated argument with his wife’s brother.

Dead is Nkomo La Rose, also known as, “Komo”, 33, a security guard, of Number 54 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam.

Relatives discovered his body around 6 am yesterday near a drain at Number 41 Stanleytown,

He is suspected to have sustained a stab wound to his heart.

The police in Berbice up to press time were on the hunt for the men suspected of stabbing La Rose to death early yesterday morning.

A police source yesterday told Stabroek News, that it is suspected that two men are responsible for the man’s murder. The source said, “According to the information we have, one person hold him down and the other stab him”.

Residents in the area explained, that minutes before 5 am yesterday, they saw La Rose fighting with the suspect and another person. “I hear Komo hollering out ‘lef me, lef me’ and two boys stand up over he and when them neighbours run, them run get away”.

La Rose during his bid to escape collapsed a short distance away next to a drain and an empty lot.

According to information gathered, the now deceased man, his wife and the suspect had been involved in a heated argument on Monday evening

The two males in the company of a woman were imbibing on Monday evening, this newspaper was told.

A relative said, “Komo and he wife telling he (brother) about the girl he (brother) deh with and he does follow she home, that is not a good girl. The two (men) had some confrontation about that girl and she (wife) heard them and she talk to them and them ain’t stop, so she get up and throw away the rum and then she call the police and the police come and talk with them and then when the police left them still continue to argue and she pick up she self and come here and sleep”.

According to the relative, the wife arrived at the relative’s house located a short distance from Number 41 Stanleytown, around 12 midnight on Monday. “She husband come here and talk to she and then he left to go home”.

However, around 5 am yesterday, the suspect arrived at the relative’s house requesting to meet his sister. “He jump the gate and come in here and ask for he sister, that he come to done she off. So probably he already stab the man so he mussy come for kill she now and mommy chase he out the yard”, the relative recalled.

The two accused are suspected to be hiding out in the Savannah Park, New Amsterdam Area.

La Rose’s body is presently at the New Amsterdam Hospital mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination. 

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