Harmon says PPP/C neglected city residents

-uproar in House after Jagdeo’s marriage referenced

Minister of State Joseph Harmon, who today opened the debate for government on the opposition’s motion of no-confidence  in the government, used most of his 25 minutes to remind all about the work government has done to develop the controversial D’Urban Park and how the former PPP/C government neglected the residents of Georgetown.

Dressed in a green jacket and white shirt, complemented with a yellow tie, he turned to the opposition benches and accused the PPP/C of denying citizens of Georgetown funding to develop spaces such as D’Urban Park, which he stressed was used to hold events such as the independence jubilee celebrations and a circus.

He described the denial of funding as an “act of evil” and accused the then government of spending the money.”

Minister of State Joseph Harmon speaking in Parliament today.

“You have done nothing to this city for all those years”, he said, adding that the then PPP/C government never green-lighted or supported the decisions made by City Hall. “They are ashamed that in one year we have been able to move from bush to a proper facility,” he said to shouts of support from his fellow MPs.

He said that given all that the government has done since it took office, the public including those living in the city have confidence in the government.

Harmon said too that Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo who presented before him, spoke several blatant untruths and he needed to respond to them. The comments he took issue with pertained to a claim that government is harming democracy, that it took away a $10, 000 grant and that it was not doing a good job protecting the country’s borders.

The House descended into chaos when Harmon said that Jagdeo “led this nation to believe that he had a legal marriage.” Speaker Dr. Barton Scotland was unable to control the cacophony emanating from the two sides for more than a minute.

The Speaker later reminded the MPs that while they are being given a great deal of latitude, they ought not to make personal remarks. “We are crossing the line”, he said to shouts of “no no!!!” from the government benches. He informed the members that he is telling them what is required and is not seeking opinions.

“How dare you Mr no marriage?” Harmon declared, despite the Speaker’s warning. The Speaker, in response again reminded that that was not the subject of discussion. Harmon in defending himself said he was just trying to describe what the coalition government found on the first day in office, “the shame” that citizens had to endure under the PPP/C government.

“Our administration ushered in a spiritual and moral revival” led by the president with a “real marriage over 48 years” and the Prime Minister a devoted family man with a “real marriage of several years with his wife Sita”, he added.


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