A photo of Kevin and Natasha’s stand stocked with grapes, apples, cookies and walnuts.

With Christmas tomorrow, shoppers crowded the streets of Georgetown yesterday, seeking to pick up final gifts, and items for their homes.

Yesterday, the streets of Georgetown were unusually lined with shoppers and persons were seen still purchasing decorations and household items. The hottest selling items appeared to be doilies, mats and fruits. Apples and grapes are a must-have in almost every Guyanese home during the Christmas season. Yesterday, numerous vendors selling those fruits and other items could be seen in both the Bourda and Stabroek markets and even along Regent Street.

Kevin and Natasha (only names given), vend these items along with Danish cookies, walnuts and non-alcoholic champagne on Regent Street during the Christmas season. The pair said that business has been going well for them since they came out to their spot on December 14th.

“Business kinda on and off man but that’s expected,” said Natasha. The woman related that her items usually sell out on Christmas Eve. “Well, you see these stuff are perishable so people usually come late to buy them, that’s how it’s been for all the years I been out here. You gon see till about nine o’clock on Christmas Eve, everybody gon be coming for fruits and so cause that’s the last thing people put on the table you know,” she said.

While the amount of shoppers and traffic was unusual for a Sunday, vendors expect a large amount of shoppers as Christmas Eve today, would be the last day to get decorations, gifts and other items for Christmas. 


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