Stanleytown man remanded over brother in law’s murder

Herman Barclay

A Stanleytown, New Amsterdam man was yesterday remanded to prison over the murder of his brother in law when he appeared at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court.

Herman Barclay, of Stanleytown, New Amsterdam was charged with murdering Nkomo La Rose, 33, of Number 54 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam on December 18th.

He was not required to plead to the charge.

Nkomo La Rose

Barclay, who is being presented by Attorney at Law, Mursaline Bacchus, will return to the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court on January 21.

A post-mortem examination last week revealed, that La Rose, a security guard died due to a stab wound to his heart.

Residents in the area had explained that minutes before 5 am last Tuesday, they saw La Rose fighting with Barclay and another person.

“I hear Komo hollering out, ‘lef me, lef me’ and two boys stand up over he and when them neighbours run, them run get away,” a resident had stated.

La Rose, during his bid to escape, collapsed a short distance away next to a drain.



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