Pledges of assistance for children of Geeta Boodhoo

Some persons have pledged to assist the children of Geeta Boodhoo, the Tuschen woman who died earlier this year after a life of tragedy which included surviving a chopping attack that claimed the lives of three people and left her with a severed hand, and later, a vehicular accident for which she had to undergo more surgeries.

An article reporting the woman’s death was published in the December 16th edition of Stabroek News, and the late Budhoo’s sister Sharda Jabar, told Stabroek News that they received numerous calls from persons, locally and overseas, who promised to assist the family.

Jabar related that while promises were made, only Scotiabank thus far has made donations to the family. During the course of last week, she said, representatives from the bank visited the family and donated food stuff and toys for the children.

She further indicated that one overseas-based Guyanese contacted her after reading of the family’s situation, took her information and promised to send a package.

“People have been calling and asking what is the situation like and I tell them what the situation is like. I tell them that I will accept anything they have to give, but they asking what I need,” she related while disclosing that the children are in need of clothing and school supplies.

Boodhoo died after a brief sickness earlier this year, leaving her family to care for her five children.

She was the victim of domestic violence. On December 18, 2014, she was brutally chopped, resulting in her hand being severed. This same attack claimed the life of three persons: Boodhoo’s mother Bibi Zalima Khan, 55, of Endeavour, Leguan; her 9-year-old daughter Ashley; and her male friend, Floyd Drakes, 30. Boodhoo’s jilted partner, Joshua Franklyn, was charged with carrying out the attack and is slated for trial in the High Court for the murders of Khan, Ashley and Drakes.

Following the attack, in May 2016, a speeding car struck Boodhoo from behind as she was walking along the West Bank Demerara public road. She was pitched into a nearby trench. She escaped death for the second time. She then fell ill earlier this year. In all three circumstances, Boodhoo underwent surgeries and battled for her life but she never recovered from the last surgery and died in April this year, leaving her five children behind.

Jabar is caring for three of the five surviving children and her brother cares for two others. She said that it has been challenging on her family but they are doing their best to provide for the children. She pointed out that she juggles caring for her kids and her late sister’s children. She has gotten benefits from the Social Welfare Department in Region Three for the two boys but not for the girl. 

She said if anyone wants to provide any help to the children, they could contact her on telephone number 652-3876.

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