Garbage left on streets after Christmas spree

Debris from what appears to be a broken makeshift stand along Regent Street yesterday.

The streets of Georgetown’s commercial district were left lined with garbage and refuse after the Christmas holiday.

At the end of the holiday and all the shopping buzz for the Christmas season, garbage was seen along Regent Street and in many of the drains.

Some vendors and shopkeepers who were opened for business yesterday were wondering when the clean-up will begin after those vendors who were just out on the streets for the sales at Christmas left debris and garbage from their makeshift stalls on the pavements and roadways.

One woman who was vending yesterday was upset at the state that sections of the street were in. The woman who asked not to be named stated that this has been the case almost every year. “It’s like every year the same thing gon happen, these people that does come out to sell for Christmas alone does just leave all they garbage like that”.

However, later in the day a garbage truck was seen picking up waste and garbage that was left along King Street and parts of Regent Street. It was unclear if the garbage truck was privately contracted or contracted by the Mayor and City Council.

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