Angoy’s Ave businesswoman, daughter shot during Christmas Eve robbery

Angela Khedaroo

An Angoy’s Avenue businesswoman and her daughter are both nursing gunshot injuries after two gunmen invaded their home on Christmas Eve night.

Angela Khedaroo, 60, of Lot 3 Patrick Dam, Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, explained that around 10.30 pm, she decided to close her shop at which point two men invaded her home. “When I get up I turn around, there is the man with a gun in front me face and he say, ‘give me all the money you got’, so I turn and tell he that ‘brods, me aint got no money because I invest all the money to buy goods to get a turnover”.

The woman explained that she pushed away the gun thinking that it was a “toy gun”, which led to the perpetrator opening fire. “The bullet pass through me hand and I start holler and me daughter run and then the man open another fire and shoot she. We start holla and the man run and go away”…..

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