Quick disaster response saves Christmas Day festivities for Wakenaam residents

—as high tides rip through koker door, flooding yards

The new koker door that was constructed and installed on Tuesday morning

Quick action by the Wakenaam Neighbour-hood Democratic Council (NDC) in Region Three on Tuesday morning, saved residents from Maria’s Pleasure from having a wet Christmas, after a sluice door gave out to the high tide.

On Tuesday morning, around 8 am, over 75 residents of the small community were greeted by floodwater in their yards. The water had rushed into the drainage canals after a faulty koker door had given in to the constant pounding of the high tide.

The extremely strong waves ripped through the door, sending the waters into the drainage canals. Some residents’ yards experienced floodwaters as high as 12 inches, while the majority of them were inundated with about six to eight inches…..

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