Jagdeo to meet CARICOM Secretary General on no-confidence motion

Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo is expected to meet with Secretary General of CARICOM,  Irwin LaRocque during this week to brief him on the PPP’s position on the no-confidence motion against the government and for preparations for general and regional elections.

Jagdeo told Stabroek News on Saturday that he will also be writing the Carter Center, the Organisation of American States, the Commonwealth Secretariat and other international organisations dealing with governance issues on the current situation.

Having met with the diplomatic representatives of the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America and the European Union on Friday to similarly brief them, he said, he would also like to meet with Mikiko Tanaka, Coordinator of the United Nations Agencies and Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Guyana.

A UN mission last August recommended that the UN provide technical support to the Guyana Elections Commission in its preparation for the 2018 local government and 2020 general and regional elections. The assistance for the local government elections were not forthcoming due to procedural issues between GECOM and the UNDP which is acting on behalf of the UN.   

Jagdeo said he has informed the international community that if elections are not held by March 19, the parliamentary opposition will treat the government as illegitimate, unconstitutional and any act/contract they engage in locally or internationally would not be recognised or would be reviewed. This would have major implications for investors and for all concerned.

He has also urged the diplomatic community to be involved in the process of free and fair elections through the various organisations they have supported in the past.

He said he made it clear that the PPP was concerned about the government exploring legal and other options on the approval of the no-confidence motion even after accepting the results in favour of the opposition.

He said the PPP would not accept a reversal of the results as it would result in instability if that were to happen. He also expressed to them his concern that the government has not resigned in keeping with the provisions of the Constitution.

He has also made it clear to the international community, he said, that the PPP will not go back to the National Assembly to enable government to conduct any business, except for the purpose of holding the elections.    

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