Gym trainer not guilty of rape of teen during massage

(Trinidad Express) A gym instructor wept after being found not guilty of the rape of one of his clients during a massage.

Andre Skeete the owner of the gym had maintained his innocence and told the court that the sexual encounter was consensual.

The trial which lasted a month was heard before Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas at the San Fernando Second Criminal Court and ended on Wednesday.

The allegedly victim who was 17 years old at the time of the alleged 2004 incident, said she had fallen asleep while Skeete gave her a massage and awoke to find him having sexual intercourse with her.

It was the State’s case as led by attorney Anju Bhola, that the alleged victim was receiving the massage at the message room of the gym on September 28 2004 when she fell asleep.

She claimed she awoke to a sharp pain to her private part and Skeete having sexual intercourse with her. She testified that she got up, changed her clothing and left the gym.

Skeete was arrested and charged the following day with having sexual intercourse with the alleged victim without her consent.

He was represented during the trial by attorney Prakash Ramadhar and Michael Rooplal.

Skeete admitted he had sex with the alleged victim but said it was consensual. He denied that she slept away and testified that she was a willing participant in “passionately intense” sex.

Skeete called witnesses including a trainer at the gym. The witness said he spoke to the alleged victim after the alleged rape and she was jovial and in high spirits.

The jury returned a not guilty verdict at the end of the month long trial.

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