T&T Chief Justice resumes work

Ivor Archie

(Trinidad Guardian) Embattled Chief Justice Ivor Archie has returned to work.

Archie cut his six-week vacation short and returned home shortly after his mother Moulda Beache-Archie passed away, two weeks ago.

Legal sources said that even though his vacation was due to end, on Wednesday, he resumed administrative duties while he was waiting to attend her funeral, which was held in Tobago, last Saturday.

He made his first major court appearance on Friday as he presided over two ceremonies at the Hall of Justice in Port-of-Spain, during which 102 new attorneys were admitted to practice.

It does not appear that Archie applied for any bereavement leave following his mother’s death.

The issue of Archie’s leave was first raised in March, when it was revealed that then President Anthony Carmona had approved a six months leave for him to participate in a fellowship at the United States (US) Federal Judicial Centre in Washington, DC.

Carmona’s decision was met with criticism from the Government, senior lawyers and his judicial colleagues, who all questioned whether a formal policy on sabbatical leave for judges had been implemented.

Archie reversed his position following public criticism and instead opted to utilise 35 weeks of accrued vacation leave.

However, this too was challenged as it was revealed that Judges do not benefit from roll-over unused vacation leave.

Archie eventually left the country in late March, as he agreed to take six weeks leave.

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