Police suspect hit in murder of Chinese businessman

(Trinidad Guardian) A Chinese businessman was one of two men who were murdered in separate incidents between Saturday night and on Sunday morning.

According to reports, around 7.30 am, 42-year-old Qumehlanj Cao was sleeping at his home at De Graff Street, Arima, when two men jumped the wall and knocked on the front door.

His wife answered and was immediately forced inside by the intruders. The men went to a bedroom, where they shot Cao several times as he slept. They then left.

Cao, who owned Wei Mei restaurant located along Tumpuna Road in Arima, died on the scene.

Police believe that the murder was a hit based on the fact that the intruders did not attack Cao’s relatives and did not steal any items before they fled the scene.

When a news team from the T&T Guardian visited the community yesterday, homicide detectives were seen interviewing the businessman’s relatives outside the house, as crime scene investigators inspected inside.

Several residents of the residential community said they were not in shock over the incident.

“This is Trinidad. Things can happen anywhere. Last week, they steal a policeman’s car over on the next street,” one elderly resident said.

He described the family, who have lived in the community for a little over three years, as quiet and peaceful.

“They does just keep to themselves. We see the three children playing by the park sometimes but they don’t really talk to anyone,” he said.

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