Kill for kill in T&T: Reprisal murders after gangster gunned down

Killed: Kevon Joseph (left) and Alvin Gyan

(Trinidad Express) Police suspect that the killing of two men in Beetham Gardens on Monday night was a reprisal for a killing earlier in the day.

Alvin Gyan, 37, and Abraham Quamina were shot multiple times and died at hospital.

A 57 year old man, Derrick Huggins, was shot in the leg and warded at hospital.

Around 4 p.m. Kevon “Fish” Joseph was gunned down at Belmont Circular Road, Belmont.

Joseph was in the backseat of a Toyota Corolla when the car was blocked by another and gunmen opened fire.

The driver of the car drove into Hermitage Road and abandoned it.

Hours earlier Joseph appeared in the Port of Spain Magistrates Court for a narcotic case for which he is on bail.

He was also a suspect in several criminal cases in the Gonzales area.

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