Jamaica Labour Ministry meets with China Harbour, Sinopharm over protesting workers

(Jamaica Gleaner) Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Zavia Mayne yesterday held an emergency meeting with representatives of China Harbour Engineering Company Limited and Sinopharm Pan Caribbean.

The meeting was in response to an investigation undertaken by the Ministry, under the provisions of the Factories Act, which was precipitated by reports made in the public about the working conditions on the Mandela Highway Project Improvement.

Workers have complained about poor working conditions and have walked off the job in protest.

The ministry says based on the findings of the probe Mayne met with the employers in order to address the issues emanating from the investigation.

Arising from the discussions, the ministry says it was assured that:

1) Sinopharm Pan Caribbean and China Har-bour Engineering Com-pany Limited will be taking the necessary actions to provide acceptable solutions to the findings identified.

2) China Harbour Engi-neering Company Limited will be meeting with the workers within the next 48 hours, with a view to addressing their concerns and towards a resolution for the resumption of work in the shortest possible time. 


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