T&T secretary murdered in law office

(Trinidad Express) Secretary Nicole Debideen left home yesterday morning, went to church, then travelled to her office, where someone killed her.

No one heard her screams when her killer attacked.

Debideen, 44, bled to death on the floor of the law office after her throat was slit in her office at Ramsaran Street, Chaguanas.

She was employed at the office of attorney Mary Ramcharitar, in a building housing other businesses including NEDCO and a non-governmental organisation.

Chaguanas mayor Gopaul Boodhan said the area where Debideen was killed was not known to be a “high risk” area, as the businesses there did not operate cash transactions.

Homicide detectives of Region III were searching for a motive for the killing.

Debideen was widowed with no children, and lived a quiet life at Sanford Street East, California, Couva.

Her mother, Shirley Hosein, and brother identified her body at the crime scene.

Hosein, 67, said her daughter would go to church on mornings near the office before she opened the office.

“She goes to church before she goes to work. This morning when she went to the office she called me. I asked her if she had breakfast, she said ‘no’ she going to have breakfast now. And that was it”, said Hosein. The mother said Debideen had no enemies.

“This is really shocking to me”, she said.

Member of Parliament for Couva South Rudranath Indarsingh said extended condolences to the family, whom he said he knew.

Indarsingh said that he continued to be troubled by the Government’s crime fighting strategies as murders seemed to be on the increase.

“No one is safe anywhere. Not in your homes, your offices or on the streets”, said Indarsingh.

Boodhan said he visited the crime scene and people in the nearby offices said they did not hear a scream or anything to indicate that Debideen was in danger on Friday morning.

Boodhan said soldiers need to join police on the streets to join in the fight against crime.

“I continue to make the call for a greater police presence. We need the army and the police working together.

We need mobile posts, all the entrances and exits into Chaguanas. We need greater awareness for people who want to commit crimes that the chances of them being caught will be very easy.

These are drastic times and we need serious intervention and action”, said Boodhan. “I am going to make a crusade and ask people to join a caravan and send a message to the Government that we do not like it so.”

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