Trinidad: Shock over triple killing at T&T boardwalk

(Trinidad Guardian) Two days after he escaped bullets from gunmen, Fabien “Super” Williams was killed on Sunday while at the Boardwalk in Chaguaramas.

However, the gunmen were so determined to get their target this time around that they sprayed bullets in the direction where Williams, of Sea View Hill, Carenage, was standing, killing two others – Kedel “Timeless” Osbourne, 21, also from Sea View Hill and Andrew Francis, 39, of Mamoral No. 2.

Three others, including eight-year-old Jakeem Moses, of Pelican Extension, Morvant, were wounded. The other injured people were identified as Ian Brown, 20, of Upper Sea View, Carenage and Keron Jones, 26, of Cleaver Heights, Arima.

According to a police report, shortly after 7 pm gunmen opened fire on beachgoers at the popular venue, sending everyone scampering for safety. Police said Williams, Osbourne and Francis were killed instantly. Investigating officers believe the gunmen were after Williams. Police said they knew him well as he faced several firearm offences in the past.

The T&T Guardian was also told that on Friday there was an attempt on Williams’ life when gunmen opened fire on him while he was liming at a bar. Police believe Sunday’s incident was gang-related.

Williams’ relatives refused to talk to the T&T Guardian yesterday.

However, a relative of Osbourne, who wished not to be identified, expressed outrage over the incident. He also blamed the police for the spiralling crime rate.

“Innocent people have to go just so in this country? The police, especially the Carenage Police, don’t care a damn about us out here. This crime gone out of control and nobody cares who get kill and if they innocently get kill…that’s the reality,” Osbourne’s relative said.

He described Osbourne as “cool.”

“I really don’t have nothing much to say about anything again…I don’t even want to see anything about this in the media…We just fed up of this.”

Osbourne’s relative, who was visibly upset, said relatives only positively identified Osbourne’s body at the Forensic Science Centre yesterday and questioned how his name could have been leaked to the media before.

Francis’ sister, Margaret Logan, said her brother went with friends for a day of relaxation at the beach. She added that she never thought she would have ever received such “terrible news.”

“This is horrible…my brother was friendly, talkative and was just a comedian to all. I don’t even know what else to say because it is like a nightmare to know that you can go anywhere now and have to keep looking over your shoulder,” Logan said.

She added that her brother, who was a farmer, had three children, the last of them, Asia, being born just three weeks ago.

Yesterday, baby Asia was seen swaddled in a white blanket in her mother’s arms at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.


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