Road warps, cracks during quake

The damage done to a road in Los Iros

(Trinidad Express) Farmers in Erin were unable to access their crops yesterday, as the only roadway leading to their gardens was severely damaged in Tuesday’s 6.9 magnitude earthquake.

The farm ponds were also drained.Councillor for Erin, Arlene Ramdeo, said Re-Road, an agriculture access road in Los Iros, was now impassable with cracks as deep as four feet.

The roadway was also used by villagers to access Loresette South Trace and La Morelle Trace in Los Iros, she said. Ramdeo said since the road was impassable farmers now had to walk to their fields.

“It is really bad. Vehicles cannot pass on this road. The farmers have to walk to their fields. This is a popular road and needs to be repaired immediately,” she said.

Ramdeo said there were several huts in the area which were now inaccessible.

“The ponds were drained and there was one pond with fishes in it. That too was drained,” she said.

Ramdeo said the road was the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture.

“The Ministry has been informed and I am hoping we see something being done soon so these farmers can access their lands because it is their only means of livelihood,” she said.

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