In Trinidad: Workers to challenge Petrotrin terminations in court

(Trinidad Express) The Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union has filed an Industrial Relations Offense complaining that Petrotrin has not been meeting and treating in good faith.

In a statement, the OWTU said it has also filed an application for an injunction to stop the company from terminating all the workers at the Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago pending the hearing of the complaint.

Petrotrin workers in a protest

The hearing of the application for the Injunction is set for hearing at 10a.m. tomorrow at the Industrial Court, Port of Spain.

“The OWTU maintains that the Memorandum of Agreement signed on 3rd April provided the framework for corporation with the Company to ensure its viability and profitability” the union said.

” The current approach by the Board therefore, is not about restructuring but shutting down the company which was never recommended by both the Lashley and Solomon’s and Associates Reports as both supported the Union’s position for restructuring. To this end, the Union has always been ready and prepared to engage with the company to discuss the restructuring of Petrotrin which is why the agreement of April 3 was signed”.

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