Jamaica: Sixty-three year old gets 7 years hard labour for killing Peter Abrahams

Peter Abrahams – File photo

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) Norman Tomlinson was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for the killing of former journalist Peter Abrahams.

Tomlinson, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter on July 24, was sentenced on September 26, 2018.

On Wednesday, January 18, 2017, Abrahams, 97, sustained multiple blunt force injuries from which he later died.

Investigations by the police led to the apprehension of the 63-year-old man, the husband of Abrahams’ domestic helper, on February 17, 2017.

He was interviewed by the police and gave a cautioned statement indicating that Abrahams’ death was an accident.

He further told the police that he was at Abraham’s home on the day in question and while there they had an argument over the use of a credit card which the deceased had given to him.

Shortly thereafter, he pushed Abrahams’ wheelchair and this caused him to fall and hit his head.

In handing down sentencing, the judge took into consideration the plea agreement which recommended seven years imprisonment, the antecedents of Tomlinson, the social enquiry report and the plea in mitigation by his attorney.

In the end, the judge imposed a sentence of seven years at hard labour in accordance with Tomlinson’s plea agreement.

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