Jamaican makes appeal for permanent residency in Cayman Islands

(Jamaica Observer) A Jamaican man is challenging the Cayman Government’s decision to deny his bid for permanent residency, arguing that the Immigration Appeals Tribunal discriminated against his nationality when it considered his application.

Rohan Anthony Seymour, in his challenge, claims that the tribunal denied his application on July 6 after he did not achieve the required minimum of 110 points on the permanent residency point system.

The application was denied, in part, because the tribunal gave him a zero on the “Demographic and Cultural Diversity” portion of the points system, which had a maximum score of 10.

According to the Cayman Compass newspaper, Seymour was the second Jamaican to file for judicial review last month over the Government’s decision to deny permanent residency.

Earlier in October, businessman Clide Coley also filed for review, arguing that the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board did not fully factor his investment in a local business when making its decision.