Jamaican singer Dalton Harris responds to firestorm over photograph

Dallton Harris (left) has responded to the comments on social media regarding this photograph.

(Jamaica Observer) Jamaican singer Dalton Harris yesterday broke his silence and responded to the firestorm of criticism which has been swirling on social media following the release of a photograph which sees him sitting on the leg of fellow X Factor competitor Brendan Murray.

The 24-year-old, who is currently into the semifinal of the British version of the popular television talent search, took to social media in response to the negative comments which have come since the photograph was posted online on Wednesday.

The photograph also features an unidentified female as well as Anthony Russell, the third member of the Boys Team still in the competition.

“I will not respond with anger or frustration. Your attitude reflects your mind, do not project your issues on me. I am a grown man. Have no issue or confusion where my sexuality and masculinity is concerned…. When you type your negative comments and have a laugh or breaking someone down or making something into a negative how does it:

Change your state of living?

Are you more wholesome?

More successful?

Better at your job?

More accepting of yourself?,” Harris questioned.

“Never selling my soul or integrity or sexuality to gain anything. Only hard work. If you are so quick to judge without knowing anything you seem more fishy or weak or more of a sell out than me. Be Great. Be Inspiring. Be Better.Thank you to all my supporters. I am doing all this for you,” he said in a post on Instagram.

He also posted a video which included Murray on this Instagram account.

“Woke up to the Internet this morning and saw something online. I think if you are so uncomfortable with your sexuality that you feel that two dudes hugging is gay, then so be it. Mi good. At the end of the day I’m here living out mi dream, so is this dude (Murray). At the end of the day we’re here living our lives and I’ve got nothing to prove. It’s funny to me that mi own country dat mi fight for every single day is showing our @#*+ like this in a horrible way and it isn’t a good representation because we are not dumb people. And who mi sleep with definitely nuh mean this (hugs Murray). Mi is a single man not sleeping with a man but peace and love any ways. Not an explanation. Just saying mind yuh business… Peace and love.”

Harris is currently one of six semi-finalists going into Saturday’s performance show. He is up against the other two members of his Boys Team, as well as Scarlette Lee from The Girls Team, Accacia & Aaliya from The Groups and Danny Tetley from The Overs.

He is one of the stand out favourites to win at the December 1 finals based on reaction from the studio audience, the bookmakers, and guest judge Nile Rodgers.

Harris, who won the local Digicel Rising Stars in 2010, has also set an enviable track record with a number of the studio recordings of his performances on the show climbing as high as the top 20 on the iTunes singles charts for the UK.

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