Jamaica: Bandit robs, hijacks taxi then crashes into church fence

(Jamaica Observer) A man who was taken into custody on Sunday after he crashed a stolen taxi into the perimeter fence of a church on Lyndhurst Road, St Andrew is yet to be charged.

Security officials told the Jamaica Observer that the man, purporting to be a passenger, boarded the white Probox motor car in downtown Kingston approximately 5:00 am.

It is reported that he stabbed the driver, relieved him of the motor car, and made an escape.

But the car had the services of a KingAlarm tracker and an alarm was subsequently made, triggering KingAlarm’s armed response units.

Working with updated locations of the motor car on their in-vehicle tablets, the security guards began tracking the car from Orange Street as it headed towards Cross Roads.

The police were also summoned and the vehicle reportedly stopped on Retirement Road when someone was seen exiting the car. On realising that the vehicle was being followed, the driver sped off.

However, he did not get far, one security official told the Observer.

The vehicle crashed into the perimeter fence at Lyndhurst Methodist Church at the corner of Rousseau and Lyndhurst roads.

The driver, whose identity is being withheld until he is charged, was taken into custody.

The owner of the vehicle was subsequently notified.

Head of the Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Assistant Superintendent of Police Dahlia Garrick told the Observer yesterday that the police are still collecting statements while they await forensic tests.

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