Trinidad: Fake cops kill two in Diego Martin shooting

(File photo)

(TRINIDAD NEWSDAY) Officers of the Homicide Bureau Region 1 are on the hunt for two men posing as police officers, after they killed two Diego Martin men earlier today.

Investigators confirmed that David Charles and Kurt Smith both of La Puerta, Diego Martin, were killed at around 9 AM near their homes.

Police say a vehicle outfitted with lights and sirens, designed to mimic a police vehicle was in the area.

The men in the vehicle saw Charles and ordered him into the vehicle. When he refused the men shot him several times. He died on the spot.

As they were getting ready to leave, the men saw Smith a short distance away and shot him. Residents heard the gunshots and took Smith to the St Clair district health facility where he died while receiving treatment.

Almost one year ago, Smith’s older brother, Curtis aka “Birdman” was killed in La Puerta.

A Western Division police officer said while they have not received many reports of criminals impersonating police, it is something they hear about occasionally and are concerned.

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