Trinidad: Three bandits killed, one arrested after shootout with police

(Trinidad Express) Police killed three robbers on Friday.

The three were allegedly among a gang of four men suspected of hijacking a cigarette salesman at Todd’s Road, Caparo and robbing him of $80,000 in cigarettes.

The thieves also stole a security officer’s firearm.

Within hours of the robbery, Central Division police tracked the suspects’ vehicle and confronted them at Fitt Trace in Talparo.

Police said the suspects shot at them and the officers returned gunfire.

The injured were taken to the Chaguanas District Health Facility where they died.

A fourth person was arrested and taken into police custody.

Police have identified one of the deceased as Kadeem Welch, who many outstanding warrants for various firearm related offences including shooting at police.

The robbery took place at around 10 am at Papa James Mini Mart at Todd’s Road where the salesman was conducting sales out of his Nissan Navara.

Also with the salesman was an armed security guard.

A white Nissan Tiida pulled alongside and four men with firearms emerged and announced a hold up.

The forced the owner of the mini mart, the sales man and an armed men to the ground and robbed the truck of its sales.

Police were told that one of the men drove off with the sales truck and the others sped off in the Nissan Tiida.

Officers of the Central Police Division were contacted and Sgt Jodhan and Cpl Bagoo responded.

Police found the Nissan Navara abandoned at La Gloria Road, off Todd’s Road.

It had been broken into with a grinder.

The vehicle was towed to the Longdenville Police Post for forensic examination.

Police said officers continued to search for the suspects and around 2 p.m. the Nissan Tiida ws was spotted at Fitt Trace off Todd’s Station Road, Talparo where the suspects and police exchanged gunfire.

A police constable was injured, but his injuries were not firearm related, police said.

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