Trinidad: Money seized from murdered businessman Sheron Sukhdeo remains under investigation

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) POLICE officers have been given more time to investigate the source of more than $100,000 seized from murdered businessman Sheron Sukhdeo.

The application was made before Chaguanas magistrate Nizam Khan on Monday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Waithe told the court that Sukdeo had passed away.

Constable Thompson of the Financial Investigative Branch made the application. He told the court that $119,500 was siezed in July 2017 as investigations were conducted into its source. The money was allegedly found in a Mercedes Benz luxury car.

Khan granted an extension of the detention order allowing officers three more months to conduct investigations.

On March 26, Sukhdeo was shot multiple times in a drive by attack outside the home of relatives at Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville.

He died while being treated at a health facility.

His case remains unsolved.

At the time of his death, Sukhdeo was on $200,000 bail on the charge of receiving two stolen vehicles.

Sukhdeo had a range of luxury vehicles and sports cars and was also seen pictured with a small aircraft he said he had purchased.

The father of two was freed in September 2017 on the charge of breaching a protection order taken out by his wife, Rachael Sukhdeo.

Seven months earlier she dropped an assault charge, saying she did want to continue with the case.