Trinidad PM responds to police killings: ‘There is no good end to bad deeds’

(Trinidad Express) The killing of five men by the police on Thursday night has prompted a response from Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, who called on young men to follow the right path, saying that there was no good end to bad deed.

In a statement, Dr Rowley said: “The loss of any citizen’s life, through violence, is particularly traumatic for any family and community where it occurs. This emotion is multiplied many fold when young men arm themselves and engage law enforcement officers. This misguided activity always has the potential to end in unspeakable tragedy for all involved, officers and civilians.

He said the news of five lives being lost during a firefight between law enforcement officers and civilians brings the country to such a place.

Keith Rowley

“Once again I appeal to all our young men who see opportunity through the power of the illegal firearm, to think again and grasp the other opportunities which the country offers to all its citizens, rewards which are assured if we embrace our national watchwords of discipline, tolerance and production and tolerance.

There is no good end to bad deeds, bad company and a life of crime. Our country deserves better but to accomplish that goal we all have to want it and commit to work towards it. Law enforcement cannot do it alone”.

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