Trinidad: Prisoners break out of transport vehicle, recaptured

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) The taste of freedom was short lived for two prisoners on Monday after they escaped from a prison vehicle in Mayaro.

The two men, who were taken to the Mayaro Magistrates’ Court on larceny charges, were arrested within 30 minutes of their escape.

At about 2.30p.m.  the two men were in a vehicle which was heading in a northerly direction along the Manzailla/Mayaro Road having just left the Mayaro Magistrates’ Court.

The vehicle, Express was told, was heading back to the Remand Yard in Arouca.

However, upon reaching the vicinity of the Cocal Bridge, the back door of the prison vehicle was kicked out.

Two of the three prisoners, who were being transported, then fled the scene.

A search was conducted of the area by members of the Eastern Division Task Force, together with the Air Support Unit, and around 3p.m . the two men were both found and arrested in a bushy area near the bridge from which they escaped.

They are both expected to face charges of escaping lawful custody and damage to state property, in relation to their escape.

Both men are said to be from the Mayaro district.