Pregnant wife in Trinidad: ‘My husband is missing’

Kerlisha Bonnet with her missing husband Michael Joseph

UPDATE: Michael Joseph, the 30-year-old punch vendor who went missing two days ago, has been found.

His pregnant wife Kerlisa Bonnett confirmed that Joseph was found alive on Wednesday afternoon

“He had some cuts and bruises about his body. We’re trying to get to the bottom of this,” she briefly told the Express on Wednesday afternoon.

Joseph, a punch vendor with Harry’s Punch in San Juan, had been missing since Monday.

Bonnett reported to the Express earlier today that she last saw him on Monday at 2p.m., when he boarded a taxi to head to work.

The earlier story

(Trinidad Express) A 30-year-old Diego Martin man has been missing for the past two days, and his relatives say they are worried sick.

Kerlisa Bonnett said her husband Michael Joseph left his workplace in San Juan just after midnight on Monday but never made it home.

Joseph is a punch vendor employed with Harry’s Punch.

A pregnant Bonnett said his entire family has not seen or heard from him.

“I’m supposed to make baby at the end of the month. This is very difficult to deal with,” she told the Express on Wednesday.

Bonnet admitted that around 5.30 a.m. on Sunday, her husband stormed out of the house to head to a nearby mosque.

“He has a son that is in a home. He was supposed to see the son on Sunday but he didn’t get paid and he got angry. We didn’t have a fight or anything, but he was really upset that he was not paid to carry something for his son and to see about his son’s needs,” she said.

She said her husband returned home later that day after collecting his salary and apologised to her.

“He brought food for me and him to eat and I told him I was really not feeling well. He laid with me and we talked and he apologised,” Bonnet recounted.

She said the last time she saw her husband was at 2pm on Monday, when he walked with her to meet a friend.

“He then went into a taxi and he travelled to work. Everybody I spoke to said he reached to work. The last person that saw him was his boss who said he closed up the business about 12.30 a.m on Tuesday. I normally wait up until he gets home but up to now he has not shown. ” she said.

Bonnett said if her husband felt it was too unsafe to travel he would sometimes sleep at his workplace, but will usually be home by 6 a.m.

She said there was no way to contact him as he was robbed of his mobile phone in September.

“On September 14 we got robbed and the bandits took everything, so he had no phone. We were now trying catch back ourselves,” Bonnett explained.

She said Joseph’s close relatives, who live in the same house with them, were also very worried.

She said all checks at hospitals proved futile and Police confirmed that Joseph was not arrested.

She said she filled a missing persons report at the Besson Street and San Juan Police Stations.

Anyone with information about Joseph’s whereabouts are asked to contact Bonnett at 722-6572, 800-TIPS or any Police Station.

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